What if I don’t like it?
Send the glasses back for a full refund within thirty days of purchase (you are responsible for shipping). Email us for return instructions.
I / my girlfriend / friend / husband / mom has a condition. Will 2D Glasses help them?
If your friend or loved one can enjoy a regular movie, they can enjoy a 3D movie with 2D glasses.
Can I buy 2D Glasses in bulk?
Absolutely, contact our purchasing manager here for details: [email protected]


How do 2D Glasses work?
We’ve made a whole page just for that!
Will your 2D Glasses work with my home 3D television?
Maybe. If your television uses “passive 3D” technology then they will work. Basically, if your 3D glasses have batteries and cost lots of money, our 2D glasses won’t work for your 3D television.
I don’t like buying online, is there another way?
Not at the moment. Sorry!
Do 2D Glasses work at IMAX theaters?
Alas, no. IMAX uses a different technology than normal movie theaters so 2D-Glasses will not work at an IMAX theater. You can, however, ask the employees at the IMAX theater about 2D conversion, it may be available.


How long will it take for my glasses to arrive?
If you live within the U.S., they’ll be there in a week or less.
What if I live outside the U.S.?
For international orders, we ship first-class international anywhere the US Postal Service provides service. Some countries may collect import duty which is yours to pay. Check with your local postal service for information.
How much is shipping?
Package and handling is free, all you pay is shipping. Shipping for the first glass is $3, and 50 cents for each additional pair.


Can I interview you for a story?
Maybe! You can email us at: [email protected]